Lake Oconee offers so many fun things to do. Between the dining, shopping, and most of all, the lake activities, you won’t be running out of stuff to do!

We all deserve a trip to the lake, whether it be action-packed or a much needed relaxed evening. Who could say no to that? Here are a few things to get your day going on the water, with a little something for everyone!

A simple boat ride

Of course!

A simple boat ride is nothing less of a perfect time. Just last week, some family and I hopped on the boat for a ride after a home-cooked meal. Being able to walk straight out of the house, through the back yard, and onto the boat, was full on amazing. As the sun was setting, we drove around and took in the amazing sights Lake Oconee had to offer. Everything was so beautiful and charming. This is a guaranteed good time!


Growing up, my father and I spent a lot of time fishing on Lake Oconee. To this day, it is one of my favorite memories. The early mornings, hard work, and ice cream from the marina afterward, will be something I will always think back on. Whether you are a more competitive fisher or it is more of a leisurely hobby, I recommend taking a fishing pole and heading to the lake! You never know what you can catch out there, you could earn some bragging rights.

Swimming-Water Sports-Rock Jumping

Talk about fun!

A splash into the water can be tons of fun for literally anyone. The laughs are endless. Jumping on a tube and getting pulled through the lake, all while trying to stay aboard the tube, now that’s fun. Imagine the everlasting memories that can be made with family and friends. 

I still, after many years, remember the first time I jumped off the Jumping Rock. It takes some courage, but it is one of the most thrilling feelings, taking a leap from this famous piece.

Check out all that Lake Oconee has to offer, and make the most of the remaining summer days!