Growing up in such a small town, you find some of the best little spots to eat. Madison, GA has not only the common fast food options but also the spots that make it unique. Most of these awesome spots are located in the downtown area. Below are some of the best places the locals have dined and loved, in no particular order!

Madison Produce

Sandwiches, salads, and soups. A good mix of fresh to order dishes and fresh produce top this location off. My friends and I would stop by this location after the gym or after school, it is one of those “feel good” places. Not only is the food good, but so is the atmosphere, where you always feel very welcomed and at home. 

My favorite: “The Smoked Avacado” sandwich is always is a hit! You can’t forget about the raved about “The Madison Produce Co. Grilled Cheese” though, other grilled cheeses have never compared.

Perk Avenue

Placed on the corner of Main and Jefferson Streets, this cafe & coffee house is the place for everyone. Starting with the interior, the design is stunning. The feel is cozy and inviting, and the staff is accommodating. For the coffee and food, everything I have tried has been wonderful. It is a great location for a study break, to catch up with friends, and to enjoy some good food. 

My favorite: “The Big Dipper” ICED coffee. The “Cinn & Tell” is also a big competitor. Basically, all of their coffees are prime options. As for food, their Baked Chicken Croissant is so divine!

Town 220

Town 220 is a bit more formal, but boy is it good! The views are amazing, with a pond behind the restaurant. When you walk in, you get an overview of the whole dining area from above, as you walk down the stairs to get seated. The food is beyond flavorful and the presentation is out of this world. So many memories of nice family dinners have been made here. Definitely a good place for a night out.

Ricardo’s Kouzzina

This is probably my family’s most eaten at location in Madison. Most of my birthday dinners have been spent here, along with family reunions and meals before school dances. The staff is beyond friendly and so accommodating. You can tell the employees love what they’re doing and it very much shows! 

My favorite: Fettuccini Alfredo w/ Chicken. Followed by their Fried Cheesecake. THE BEST. I could eat it every night. 

Mint Juleps Kitchen & Catering

On the newer side to Madison, this gem is located in the historic buggy factory. Talk about design, Gorgeous! You can find signature drinks, seasonal menus, and daily desserts. With an award-winning executive chef and food like no other, Mint Juleps is quite amazing. The perfect place to stop by for a delightful sandwich.

My favorite: I often go for one of their sandwiches, classic but so tasty!

Madison Drug Co.

While most of the space is dedicated to the pharmacy and goods, there is also a grill located near the back. It can’t get more convenient than that! In my opinion, the best part is that they serve Chester Fried Chicken, SO GOOD! With a side of fries straight out of the fryer and a milkshake for dessert, they will have you hooked on it. Not to forget the On Cloud 9 boutique featured towards the front, with some of the cutest and up to fashion items!

My favorite: The chicken fingers of course!

Crowe’s Open Air Bar-B-Que

This has been a family favorite since I can remember. From the opening in 1991, locals have found this to be some of the best BBQ around. There is something about being able to relax and have a good time with your family while enjoying some true BBQ. See why the locals craze over this place and check it out!

For a sweet tooth;


Scoops is one of the places that most everyone around town knows about. Not only do kids love it, but so does everyone else. The amount of ice cream flavors available is above and beyond! The flavors and seating area has exponentially expanded over the years. From one table to now a whole room, there is room for everyone to cool off with a scoop of ice cream. If ice cream is not your thing, they also have candy and chocolates!

Overall, Madison has an excellent range of places to grab something to eat. I don’t know about yall, but I think it is time for some lunch! Where to today?