This past year, I have traveled by air more than I have in a while. Thankfully, I am starting to get a grip on how things run. The airport can be kind of intimidating, especially when flying by yourself. To be honest, I love the airport, flying, and pretty much everything about travel. 

BUT, there are some things that can make getting through the airport a little stressful. Here are just a couple things I have learned to make the airport more of a breeze.

1) Download the app of the airline you are flying.

If you are flying an airline that has an app, this makes things a little simpler, that is, if you are somewhat on top of all the new technology. For example, the Delta app was my #1 bestie this past trip. I put in my information and it allowed me to check in, have my boarding pass on my phone, and keep up with everything I needed to. If you are not very familiar with the airport, it also includes a map, which I found VERY useful. It allowed me to track down the nearest coffee shop. BIG fan of that. 

The best thing was having the boarding pass on my phone, except for when the employee laughed at me because I had no idea how to scan it the first time. But trust me, I quickly learned. The funny part was that it was so easy to do. 

“Now you’re a pro” – the guy said after he had to show me how to use it.

2)Check & follow all rules/ guidelines.

This seems pretty obvious, but me being my nervous self, I made sure I double checked everything before heading out of the house. The rules about liquid restrictions in carry-ons, luggage size limitations, and security checks, are all strictly enforced. My biggest thing was making sure the ounces were all correct for liquids in my carry-on because I didn’t want them to take it away! Also, going through security can be a little hectic, but as long as you take any food or electronics out and move in a quick fashion, all goes pretty smoothly. 

3)Wear comfy clothes & shoes.

BIG ONE HERE! Normally I try to “dress to impress” but when it comes to the airport, it was all comfort over cute. I recommend shoes that cover your toes so they don’t get stepped on. Oh, make sure you can wear socks with them too because you have to take them off for security check, and there’s no telling what is on those floors. 

A sweatshirt or something to cover up with in case you get cold could also be useful! As long as you feel good and are ready to take on your day, you are good to go! 


This is one that I recently figured out is quite important. Airports, that I know of, all have some sort of food available. However, everything is a bit pricey. I was stuck at the airport for hours, during lunchtime. I don’t know about yall, but I eat when I am bored. So, I had to snack on something. Definity bought an overpriced salad, but at least it was really good. 

Moral of this is that I have now learned to pack food because you never know when you’ll need it. Things like crackers, granola bars, or chips are all safe options.

5) ENJOY the experience

This may be a tad cheesy but just enjoy the adventure. It is a cool experience to take in everything around you and see new things. 

The last flight I was on, we had a little delay because of a lightbulb being out. They were going to fly one in from 1.5 hours away because they didn’t have one available in Nebraska. It must have been a special lightbulb, I’m not too sure how that all works. Anyways, they handled it and got everyone to their destination safely. With this being said, even if something doesn’t go as planned, it is important to look at the bright side and the positive things. They allowed people to get off the plane and hang out until we went on our way, they rescheduled missed connection flights, and they made sure everyone was happy.

Also, don’t forget about the free refreshments that go around. I made sure to not fall asleep until those were passed out.

Big tip there.

So, wrapping this up, I hope you have a safe flight in the future, and enjoy your travels!