The last time I had played Bingo, it was the classic “B5” and “G47” type Bingo. The game where you shout “BINGO” when you get five numbers in a line. 

This all changed when I attended Amici’s Music Bingo night. Every Tuesday at 7 pm, members of the community gather to spend the evening playing EXTREME bingo.

For the rules of the game, it is pretty simple. The players grab a card with a spread of artists and songs for a particular category. Short clips of songs are played, one after another, until a winner runs to the front with a winning card. The Trivia host scans the card to verify if they are truly a winner!  

The simple and fun game combined with the skill of music knowledge creates a fun atmosphere for all. Children are dancing around the stage, adults are concentrated on their Bingo cards, and everyone is enjoying their food.  

After getting in contact with Amici’s of Madison, I learned that they work with Elite Events Entertainment for the event. This company has worked with so many clients over the years, building up their representation as a quality DJ. 

Performing music and hosting games for weddings, corporate events, schools, and more, their main focus is on pleasing the audience. 

Most importantly, Elite Events Entertainment is all about spinning the music that YOU want to hear. We specialize in customized playlists and coordination, and we can even play live acoustic music for your ceremony.” -Elite Events Entertainment (Check out their website here)

Amici’s is constantly hosting events, so stop on by to enjoy a slice of cheesy pizza and have some fun with friends and family!