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Greeneboro Jewelers

For over 25 years, Greensboro Jewelers, located in historic downtown Greensboro, has been bringing some of the world’s finest diamonds and exclusive jewelry collections to the doorstep of Georgia’s Lake Country.

“We want our customers to consider us the area’s experts when it comes to diamonds,” says store owner Mark Blanton. “We will do the utmost to earn their trust and confidence while providing excellent customer service. Traveling to Antwerp, Belgium — the diamond capital of the world — shows our commitment to our customers.”

Although Antwerp is not a diamond producer, the city is home to the world’s finest diamond cutters, like Gabi Tolkowsky. Blanton had the special opportunity to spend some time with Tolkowsky, a sixth-generation diamond cutting expert, on one of his recent trips to Antwerp. Tolkowsky’s own uncle created the specifications for the round, brilliant cut diamond back in 1919, and Tolkowsky himself designed and cut both “The Centenary” and “The Golden Jubilee” diamonds, the latter of which is the record-holder for the world’s largest polished diamond at over 500 carats. It was a gift to the King of Thailand in celebration of the 50th year of his reign.

As a member of the Independent Jewelers Organization, Blanton has forged long-term relationships with Antwerp diamond cutters like Tolkowsky. He has traveled there on over 30 occasions. Upon visiting their offices, he requests to see the diamond sizes and shapes he is looking for, typically on behalf of interested customers looking for something specific. He then examines each of the selections and chooses the best among them.

“I look for diamonds that have the most life and lively reflection to suit the budget of the customer,” he says. “It makes the purchase truly special when it comes from Antwerp.” Because he has access to the world’s largest supply, he can find what Greensboro Jewelers customers are looking for, and acquire it for the best possible price.

Additionally, Greensboro Jewelers also offers a number of brand name jewelry collections, including UNOde50, Lafonn, Slate & Tell, John Medeiros, Benchmark, and Simply Diamonds, among others. Each collection includes a variety of styles to put luxurious jewelry within reach of local customers. The store also has the ability to create custom designs for that true, one-of-a-kind piece.

Greensboro Jewelers sees the relationships they form with their customers as the business’ most precious commodity. The friendly and knowledge staff are ready to help you add some sparkle to your life with personal service that is unmatched. Visit them today and allow them to help make your jewelry dreams a reality.